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Was VERY disappointed about my experience. I ordered a meal and found something strange in my black eyed peas.

I desperately tried contacting the Popeyes location for which I went to un Dothan, AL and found no such phone number on the receipt or online. The only phone number listed lead to the other store on Montgomery hwy and once I called I got hung up on. I called two separate times from 2 different numbers and yet no answer, now I'm writing. I don't appreciate when I am trying to voice a concern and it goes unanswered.

I really didnt appreciate finding an unknown object in my food, that looks like damn wax. Any of my family members or myself could've gotten sick behind this and then I would've had to take legal action against.

I'm not going to drive back to the place who more than likely purposefully put something in my food. I hope that something can and will be done to correct this issue but who knows.

Product or Service Mentioned: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen 10-piece Chicken Combo Meal.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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i recommend that you buy trappey's brand jalapeno black eyed peas and make them at home instead. that way you can be sure that there are now unknown objects in your food.

@To Boldly Go Where No Black Eyed Pea Has Gone Before

Even better, would be to buy a bag of dried black eyed peas, and cook them for hours and add some ham to it. Make a nice big pan of cornbread, and cook a big can of collard greens, unless you feel like cooking them fresh. Then you have a meal, that not even Popeyes can beat.


I loved reading your response, thank you! I haven't had black eyed peas in a really long time but just reading your comments make me want to eat the meal that you described. It sounds very delicious.

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