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Talker on survey 1-80*-682-**** states that after completing survey, it will give u a 17 digit number. You are supposed to be able to take this receipt to ANY popeyes restaurant and receive 2 pcs of chicken ala you purchase a large drink.

Not the case. These popeye restaurant in philly, pa. got some sugar with them. They are saying there are not enough numbers, there is supposed to be 18 numbers; you did make the initial purchase at this store; you name it they are saying.

Why are they giving these receipt out to customers to complete the survey and these restaurants are NOT. honoing the receipt It is ashame these independent owners are doing this to the consumer, the customer after one takes time to complete the survey. It is futhermore so embarrassing. I had a cashier look at a receipt a least for 1 whole minute, from front to back like she never saw the receipt before and they are giving the customer this receipt from a dispense next to the cash register.

Back in August 2012, I called the corporate office at 1-40*-459-****. The same thing happen to my husband at this popeyes store # 11099. The cashier told him that something was wrong with the receipt. What she did not say.

I filed a complaint with the rep. I never received a letter, call or nothing. It is apparent, my complaint landed on deaf ears and eyes. The popeyes that I visited today, Saturday, September 29, 2012 is Store @ 11099 , 6000 North Broad St., Philadelphia, PA 19141 (2**) **9-2670 .

If you call the receipt to do the survey the # is 1-80*-682-****. This woman at popeye #11099 (Riya Kaur) Kol), said that it is 18 digits to redeem. It is 17 digits only that they give u. So much for how much she knows in running a business.

She laughed in my face. she told me to take my receipt to another popeyes b/c she was not honoring it b/c it needed 18 digits and when I told her that I was calling the corp. office, she " I do not care." and asked the customer behind me to step up and she took her order. That was enough I can take.

I hope someone looks into this matter.

It is very serious, dirty and rotten on the part of popeyes to do this to me and my family.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Dairy Queen does the same thing!


This exact same thing happened to me at Popeyes in Roanoke Virginia today. This is a lousy way for them to do business. They're losing a lot of customers.


just make sure the date, store number and the amount of the purchase is on there in the numbers


the same thing happened to me in Jax, Florida at the Popeye's on Lem Turner Road.


If not getting two pieces of chicken for free is the most serious issue you're dealing with, consider yourself blessed.


Same thing happend here in California...its bad business and I will go CHURCHES CHICKEN from now on.Popeye can kick rocks!

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