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The line is ALWAYS 30-45MIN and even tho pandemic it shouldn't be that long of a wait. They dont have stuff half time no silverware no receipt and gave me spicy when I have acid reflux ordered mild. SMH

User's recommendation: Don't go til they open lobby. The wait time is RIDICULOUS!

Location: Mckeesport, Pennsylvania

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The spicy chicken from Poopeyes will give you a spicy but and will have you with a really bad case of the runs. Not recommended for.

The faint of heart. I'm sure that a buzzard or a possum or a raccoon would be fine, though. .....You know, it's a crying shame the way the taste and quality of Poopeyes Louisiana Kitchen food has declined so much. Their food used to be the bomb, but now it's no better than any of the other sleazy fast food joints.

And I am really upset that Poopeyes got rid of their styrofoam large cups and replaced then with plastic cups.

Just another example of them becoming another "McDonaldized" fast food joint. LORD HAVE MERCY!

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