Tulsa, Oklahoma

Last night I decided to get popeyes for my family. My husband, an army veteran, and two children was not with me so I went alone and got drive-through.

Upon getting to the drive through window a black gentleman told me my cost, I handed him my card and he paused to stare at me, which wasnt a problem.. The problem starts here: after he took my card and stared, he closed the drive through window and called someone over, a white man came looking my way with a cup acting like he was going to fill it up at the machine. The whole time they was leering and clearly talking about me. I contemplated driving off they made me so uncomfortable but he still had my card in the closed window and I had paid for the food.

Not only did I feel uncomfortable with them leering and blantently staring but then they started standing on their tip toes to look at my body and breasts. Keep in mind I had on a high cut vneck tshirt so you couldn't see anything much without standing on your tips toes. Actually the white guy made it extremely obvious and told on them both by the way he was having to move his head around the stickers on the popeyes drive through window to see me and everything else. It was ridiculously uncomfortable for me as a woman, not only alone but in general.

After I was handed my food, which took longer than usual so i had to sit there, be a leered at, discussed and dissected by two grown men the whole time, as the white guy didnt walk away until I was driving off, I was so angry and shaking, I called my husband immediately and told him what transpired. I told him I was going to write a formal complaint but he took it upon himself to call the manager after we hung up the phone. After he told the manager what happened the manager agreed he was "old fashioned" like my husband and didnt think it was appropriate and he would personally receive a phone call from will to apologize for the behavior and he knew exactly who he was speaking of. My husband never did recieve that phone call but than again, I really didn't expect it.

After checking my receipt "William" was in fact the black gentleman who called the white gentleman over for them to both leer and talk about me. The manager is mistaken though, this is clearly sexual harrasment towards a customer. I cant imagine what goes on in this business towards other employees, let alone other customers if this behavior is tolerated by management. It clearly wasn't the first time and anyone inside could hear them talking about women, including management and other workers most likely.

You can look at a woman you're attracted to in the street in a respectful way but Being stared at creepily makes women feel singled out and just as victimized as when they're spoken to.

Ive spoken with a sexual harrasment expert and what has transpired is without a doubt sexual harassment, I suggest you retrain managers and employees before your company is sued in this #metoo movement. This behavior exhibited towards a woman was uncalled for and its a shame your company condones such behavior out of their employees with no repercussions. If these men: William and the white gentleman (that i didnt catch his name) wants to do the clearly adolestent hormonal nonsense in a place that serves women and makes them feel victimized and violated, they should be terminated immediately and find more adequate work for their mental mindset. I will share this experience on every social media platform possible to be heard until someone makes them answer for this behavior to ensure another Fort Smith, AR woman doesn't have to go through this.

You can verify everything I've stated in this by looking at security footage. Incident happened at 2/1/2019 order number: 303514 Popeyes #11592

I paid $30.72 to be harassed by your employees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Just as long as they weren't choking the chicken.


They are allowed to look. Not touch.

Get over it! If being leered at by some immature boys is all it takes to ruffle your feathers then YOU should NOT go in public. If you’re respectability attractive then it should be expected. I would be worried if you were a dump truck and they did that.

Then be creeped out. Sex sells. YOU make yourself up everyday to be as attractive as possible even though you are married. Are you sure they weren’t just making sure that the picture on the card matched the person using it?

Maybe they were checking out the hot chick in the sexy beast car. Maybe they weren’t. Just saying you are literally making a mountain out of a molecule. So some children oggled your *** not the end of the world and you DO expect it given the way you dress.

You’re just sniffing around for some freebies. I’m 10000% sure your complaint and shaking would magically vanish if they gave you free food.


Any customer that had this happen too them would of recorded it for the proof of it. Sorry, but if there's no proof. Then it did not happen.


You appear to be obsessed with the term "sexual harassment." The two clowns were acting like they were foolish teenagers but you wish to make a big deal out of stupid behavior. Pity your husband and family. Get a life.


Nobody should make sexual advances against anybody if it makes them feel creeped out. Especially between an manager or an employee or an customer.

People are here too eat.

People are not here for an booty call. Nice try though!


Agreed. This customer is just looking for attention.

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