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I made a report and it seemed pointless and a joke to the Condultant. I went to Popeyes in Abbeville Louisiana ma and my wife.

I was eating your mashed potatoes and felt an odd texture in my mouth. So I spit the food out and there were BABY ROACHES in the food I spit out and in the Bowl. That is Disgusting, Embarrassing and down right Humiliating. So I took pictures and called the Manager and he seen with a Disgusted look which wasn’t even enough with that situation and said ...

“THIS MAN IS EATING ROACHES”... So he refunded the meals apologizing repeatedly which will not close to cut it. After I left the restaurant I vomited 3 times before I went to the emergency room. Igot intouch with your Consultant at the facility’s and let him know what happened and that the emergency room diagnose my symptoms as to be food poisoning or an irritated stomach virus from parasites and prescribed me prescriptions for my nausea and stomachache.

After I got out of the emergency room he ask me to go file a complaint the next day and I met up with him. I gave him PICTURES, Void receipts, and hospital visit information and all so that I didnt have to take further measures with this because this is disgusting and to protect my people from this is a must to let people see what’s going on for there health and intramatizing experience if no one comes to an even negotiatiable solution.

I asked him if he knew what a Roach was, and to imagine chewing on them in a public restaurant to understand how that’s unbelievably “Disgusting” with my wife stomache also unsettled as well and me with diahrea. I’m hoping you guys take this matter serious or for the sake of all take matters where needed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Abbeville, LA 70510

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Why worry ? The roaches didn't eat much.


You're full of ***


Actually on another website this person admitted to lying because she was recently fired.


You don't say!


They are telling the truth. They were forced legally to admit that they were lying. They made this up because they were fired.

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