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The food is typically great, in fact we never chose another when it comes to a family get together. However I went there tonight and ordered a white meat 2 piece meal (over 9$) for 2 dry pieces of meat, cold over done fries that tasted like they were reheated several times.

The wing was torn and had no meat, the drumette part of the wing was broke in half with slivers of bone. The breast was so dry I couldn’t swallow any of the meat that was there.

It was as though they had cut it for tenders and bartered the leftover bones. Overall if this was my first time eating there I would never go back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Fried Chicken Breast.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Put hot sauce on it and you will be fine.

@Ms. Susie

Wings usually dont have a lot of meat, their wings, du. The fries were probably old, not reheated.

The chicken was probably past the serve time. I like the chicken dried like that with hot sauce and honey. But that's my taste, I asked them to cook it longer if it's fresh. Your biscuit was probably hard too if your chicken was old.

If I were you I'd ask for fresh fries, biscuit, and chicken. I ran a KFC for 7 years, I followed the hold times on my product, my food cost was lousy. But I made up for it in sales. When I took over they were about to close the store.

In two years I had the top store in the region.

It can be done but it takes 70 hours a week, sometimes a hundred or more. Hey you do what you have to.


I was eating in Popeye's yesterday, and I looked so impoverished looking that a gentleman who couldn't eat anymore gave me his leftovers of 4 boneless wings and a biscuit. Another young man came up to me and threw a five dollar bill on my table.

I ate 3 of the boneless wings but they were cold and I was all full from my own meal. I felt like I was going to throw up if I ate the 4th boneless wing.

So I wrapped up the 4th boneless wing and the biscuit the gentleman gave me and I wrapped up my own biscuit that had one bite taken out of it. I threw the 2bisuits and boneless wing into the woods where the creatures could find them.

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