As of last week I haven't done any work because I didn't know the store was closing down for remodeling I only worked for 3 days a week Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday upon me going into work, the following week and they're closed, for remodeling, with no heads up. I haven't got paid and no one told me where I'm going and upon that no one has told me to get my or reached out to me and get my pay card. I talked to the corporate manager Mike made arrangements to pick up my pay card, but was too busy you didn't even give me a call to let me know he wasn't going to meet me today I gave him a call he's at Independence waiting for corporate supposed to meet him out in Grandview no call no show what kind of business are you is this running can I get a response back ASAP I have been 3 weeks with no money and a week without work because of them thank you.

Thank you and your respectful ASAP call will be appreciate it thank you Kevin Herron

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