Im responding to the prior complaint made back on 6/08/2021. Its been a month and their still at a standstill on the fair treatment fair wage and the professionalism at Popeyess.

The chain of command is still broken. I was promised a raised on the 06/01/2021 and its July 5th 2021 still no raise. I was hired on as a full time employee back on 08/24/2020 going from 40+ hr a week now to 15 hr a week.

Favoritism is still been shown to certain workers. Its stressful going in to work.

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They should fire you.. End of story


You don't even have a job and commenting here nonstop does NOT count as a job! Shut your piehole.


Truth hurts?? Reality my dear, you're upset cause you don't like to face the truth. They certainly don't cut hours on a GREAT employee, they cut them on horrific ones like yourself.

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