To the owner I just want to say I stopped going to your restaurant months ago because service was just horrible inside or out it didn't matter,but my wife still loves it but the problem is she never goes to get so she don't have to deal with the issues...today 20 minutes ago,I just got back from a 45 min wait in the drive thru line to get a 2 can dine,many people pulled out of the line and left,so when I finally get to the window she ask me to repeat my order ,I did the sides were mash potatoes and Cole slaw,after I paid I look at the register for the dine in guest and there are 6 people standing around talking doi g absolute nothing well she brings my order (which was orders that people got tired of waiting and drove off I know this because the chicken was definately not fresh,not warm and it was all wings and was supposed to be mixed,she gave me rice instead of mashed potatoes,I didn't notice until I was home...not bad right? But as an owner here's what's gonna get you *** UP,as I'm eating the Cole slaw there's a wad of clear plastic paper at the bottom after I'm half through eating now just thinking about for a moment...I predict that you will end up in a lawsuit before long if you don't make some changes,but dont take my word for,I'm just a disgusted customer that you will never have to hear from again,I promise...

Location: Augusta, Georgia

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