My wife and i stopped to the Popyes location in Salisbury on the main street down from the hospital around 9:15 p.m. on 03/20/14.

We order our food and sat down to eat our food and while we were eating, the shift manager that was closing yelled out to us in the lobby from behind the counter that we had to leave because the lobby was closed. I feel that as a shift manager, this was very rude and unprofessional. i understand that while we were eating the estabishments had reached its closing hours, but we were there before then. she could have came to us and at least asked us in a polite manner.

I enjoy the resturant but i really was offended coming the managment aspect of it. came you please called me 757-710-7941 or e-mail me at paulinecrawley40@yahoo.com. i feel you just don't yell at your customers.

Thank You. Fred Crawley.

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Closing time. Get out.

Orange, California, United States #797559

Are you sure you are old enough to be married? Telling you that you have to leave because they were closed is not rude.

Why are you out so late on a school night anyway?

I don't think that it is her tone of voice that you had a problem with, but the fact that you were asked to leave. Or perhaps you forgot to add that this is not the first time they asked you to leave.


Why doesn't anyone respect closing time and feel entitled to do whatever they want!

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #797356

Time to go home. Get the hint.


This isn't the site to complain on if you want a response from Popeye's Chicken. You have to go to their website in order to get a response from them.

Like one of the other replies said, you should have had plenty of time to eat and get out of their so that they could close. If you were just lingering and taking your own "sweet" time about leaving, you were the ones being rude.


While I agree the manager could have been more polite, he was probably really frustrated. According to the information I found online, they close at 10pm. You had plenty of time to eat and leave, so it appears you were lingering over your food, while employees were trying to get out of there and get homes to their own families.

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