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Man, what happened to Popeye's Chicken?! I stopped in the Amarillo Tx. T.A. truckstop for a break on an 1100 mile trip. We don't have a Popeye's near us in N.M. so, it's always, well it used to be, a real treat to run up on a Popeyes while on the road. After eating at Popeye's for 20 some years I was pissed off for the first time.

My main *** is the size of the chicken pieces & the fact that Popeyes makes it almost imposible to reach them with our complaits.[I miss the days when Popeye's was just a little chicken stand & not another" You'll take what we give you" corperation]

I've found, as I'm sure you have as well, Popeye's isn't the only one thats turned thier backs on thier core supporters. Taco Johns used to be a great little taco stand, now that greasy craps not fit to eat.

It used to be not long ago at Popeye's you could expect huge mouth watering crispy pieces of chicken & big fluffy hand made buscuits you could make a meal of. Now, at least at the Amarillo truckstop store, it's just the other way 'round. Little grezzy pieces of chicken, must of been polt hens, & hockey pucks for bis.....It all boils down to, no bang for your buck.......Popye's sold out...bummer.

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

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popeye's must have sold out as you said here in orlando its badddddddddddddd

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