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I recently moved to Texas from Kansas , they do not offer onion rings in north east Texas . I went back to Kansas and ate at a Popeyes only to find that they switched onion rings to a frozen type that is not even close to the original.

I'm very disappointed , you're onion rings were the best, not anymore . Many people in Texas say they remember having onion rings here and don't know why they were discontinued .

I would think this is an item that would not be regional , but offered in all locations. You're onion rings were part of what made your restaurant what it is.

Reason of review: No onion rings-changed onion rings.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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No Onions rings in half of the State of VA, None in any of MD stores and now i cannot find one in the State of FL that has them either. 1 I found with some fake Frozen ones that they counted and were noting like the wonderful ones that were fresh and made me go back to Popeyes!

Thats what I craved and missed! Popeyes needs to recognize!



Etienne Breaux

No onion rings? Trump know about this?

This is un American.. I just moved here to Phoenix, I was planning on going for my spicy breasts, cajun rice, red beans and of course the onion rings.... Now I find they are no more! Who authorized this change?

I hope frys are not an option. Who do we contact to put the world back as it should be?

I need my onion rings.. Stop everything until we are one with the ring.


Omg how true!!! The BEST thing at Popeyes was onion rings.

Beer battered like real pub fish. My husband said they didn’t have at ours in Louisiana either.

Before they stopped making them the old way, they had changed to a *** recipe. These rings will always be remembered by the fans.


Every city I travel that has a Popeyes, I check for onion rings. They use to be off 210 and I-95 in St.

Augustine. No longer. I happened to find them in Colorado Springs, August 2018. They need to bring them back.

I asked about them on Popeye’s Twitter... no response.


The fact that Popeye's doesn't bring back their onion rings, despite their popularity and protests from customers to bring them back, just goes to show what a bunch of dummies that they really are. If they were smart, they would bring back the onion rings immediately.


I loved the onion rings at Popeyes. They were better than any other restaurant or fast food.

Please bring them back. The original homemade version not frozen ones.


They recently removed onion rings from the menu at the Popeye's near me, and it pretty much guarantees that I won't be back. I don't care for their chicken much and their shrimp po'boy is just OK, but the onion rings with the blackened ranch sauce was absolute FIRE.

The fries are fine but absolutely 0 of the sides are even CLOSE to being as compelling as the onion rings were.

Super super disappointed. You dun *** up, Popeye's.


No onion rings here in Tallahassee, Florida. I haven't been back to Popeye's here since I found out they don't serve them anymore.

Very disappointed. Loved those onion rings and have been refusing to buy from or eat Popeyes since 2009 because of it.


I agree, I too quit eating at Popeyes once they quit serving onion rings. My friends and family have also stopped shopping at popeyes.

The chain is stupid for not bringing them back. My guess is they don't need back the lost customers now that Burger King is the new owners.


I love the Popeyes onion rings, once I found out that they stop. I now bearly go to Popeyes


Yep, I remember their onion of any fast food restaurant...heck, any restaurant to be honest. I was shocked they discontinued them.


Live here in New Orleans and Burger King got rid of the Onion rings at Popeyes. I'm so pissed!

Now Popeyes is going to turn to *** like BK. RIP Popeyes


My friend, they have already been on the way there for quite some time now. I am a regular customer and I have witnessed the steady decline of the quality of the food there.

And they have the sloppiest customers around.

The tables are always mess covered in crumbs, even first thing when they open. Hey, that's nourishment for roaches and rats!


We went to Popeyes for the Onion Rings - then the chicken. We haven’t been back since they took the onions rings off of the menu.


We did the same thing. Missing onion rings!! Ticked ..


I recently went to our local Popeyes and asked for an order of onion rings, they looked and said we don't sell them. I was so shocked. Those are the best onion rings I've ever had.


Burger King bought Popeyes and since BK serves those crap-fuck-things they call onion rings, they removed Popeyes rings as to not compete. I mean, really?!?

Yes REALLY!! *** 'em both!


They did away with them (onion rings) here in Hawaii also. So I tired Arby's onion rings. Wow, thanks Popeye's I have now found my new favorite fast food place.


Haven't eaten at Popeyes in years. In Florida, the rings were eliminated and I haven't stopped in a Popeyes since.

Stupid corporate move. Cajun fries, ahhh, no thanks.

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