I placed my order which was $22.00 and they didn't give me what I ordered. I was in a hurry and didn't have time to check it before I left the drive thru.

Won't be going there again!!!! Food was cold and had to wait 15 minutes due to it being cooked????? I ordered 3 pc combo with cajun mustard which was correct, didn't get the sauce. the Loaded chicken wratp was with fries, didn't get the fries and it was horrid!!!!

the Large Mash and gravy were cold and the cajun rice was something else - not cajun rice some other rice??? We have been trying to call and let them know, however the phone is busy(hmmm for an hour) No wonder the order was WRONG.

Monetary Loss: $22.

Location: Schererville, Indiana

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The validation code is a scam at the popeyes i frequent..on their receipt they use 24 hr format(military time) and the web site does not except it,,i have tried numerous times ,and that is done on purpose..No other fast food receipt does that ,to my knowledge...not for surveys..i feel it is very petty for a well known and profitable food chain to do something so underhanded..Their food quality is very good.Just a bogus validation code scam...get nothing back! no matter how often you frequent their restaurant..


A customer shouldn't have to check to make sure the food is all there. It is job of the store to make sure we get what we ordered.


You are really pathetic, if you were in so much of a hurry, you couldn't take a couple minutes to check your order before leaving the drive through. Nobody is in that much of a hurry, you were just careless and didn't check it. Your mistake.


You must work for the company!! To justify poor customer service by blaming the consumer, well that makes you pathetic.


WHAT??? You are SO WRONG!

You must work there. The drive through took the order, most even read it back to you! Then give it to you wrong. IT IS THEIR JOB TO GIVE YOU WHAT YOU ORDERED.

Because OUR ORDER is what PAYS them! A drive through is suppose to make things FASTER!

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