Whoever is reading this text may not find it tasteful

And yes the I am being sarcastic

I placed my order my wife went and picked it up when she got there they told her we have no crispy spicy chicken it would take 45 minutes to get it ready they gave her regular crispy which was soggy lol and the two orders of large red beans and rice or small red beans and rice of course she paid for the entire order not knowing this I called the corporate office all I got was laughs more or less it has taken over 30 days for them to send me this log to where I could log into it to give my opinion I gave them my phone number no one has ever returned my phone call Popeyes is owned by Burger King Burger King well what can you say give me a call I can give you the rest in person Oh and I gave the receipt number this is been over 30 days geewhiz over the phone

User's recommendation: Make sure you check your bag always.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Pros: All cons, Great flavor.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Cons: Bad service.

Location: Orlando, Florida

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