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So LOOKING forward to this store opening....recommended to many by me....Will not be returning unless staff become more respectful..or at least not use so many four letter words around children and elderly!!!!! Pretty much disgusted and turned off....very disappointed.

In addition to the terrible atmosphere...upon returning home...after ordering a family meal with 4 extra side dishes... (my order was for mildly spiced chicken with mostly white meat..*** and drumsticks etc...) we had VERY VERY spicy chicken.

Only the red beans and Cole slaw...1 biscuit out of the 4 was hard and had green on the top and side....PLUS!!!! All dark meat!!!!

Monetary Loss: $38.

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Caubiac, Midi-Pyrenees, France #816668

Well you are using four letter words yourself, words such as "this", "many", "will" "more" "four" "much" "many" "with" "meat" "rice" "hard" and "side" but you also used a term that was censored by the filters so why is it okay for you to use profanity and not others, and I take it the four letter words you were referring to were f-u-c-k and s-h-i-t.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Markham, Ontario, Canada #816669

Well in their defense they may not be using profanity a lot of words are censored to keep the offended and sensitive people stable. Then there are words that should be censored which are not.

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